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July 30, 2011
St. Germain Liqueur

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A spirit made from bushels of fragrant, white flowers.  How perfectly Summer!

For years I bought sparkling elderflower water from my local co-op (Mississippi Market).  One sad day, it was no longer on the shelves.

Then I read about St-Germain liqueur and began a quest to find it.  At first, it wasn’t easy but of late it’s become so popular that I can find it at most liquor stores and many local bars and restaurants.

As with most liqueurs, I prefer mine simply mixed with tonic.  The flavor of St-Germain is a bit hard to describe — essence of an impossibly sweet grapefruit is the how I think of it. Their website also mentions hints of passionfruit, pear, and lemon.

The folks at St-Germain are very proud of their process.  No more than 50 men in the world are responsible for hand-picking the elderflowers and transporting them by bicycle. Each bottle has a label denoting the year in which the flowers were picked. As they state, “…we can safely say that no men will be wandering the hillsides of Poland this spring gathering wild potatoes for your vodka.”

Maybe that’s my next pursuit.  I’ll offer to take up the bike of one of those 50 men and ride through the alps gathering flowers by the armfuls.

Local source: Thomas Liquors in St. Paul

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